Awesome Fulcro

A curated list of awesome resources for Fulcro and Fulcro RAD, the most awesome (web)app framework the Earth has ever seen.



Check out Jakub’s self-paced workshop Introduction to creating webapps with Fulcro to get familiar with the concepts and the amazing tooling before deep-diving into learning the details. Then continue with the Minimalist Fulcro Tutorial and its exercises. For more, see the Guide to learning Fulcro and all the other fulcro-community resources.

Official and semi-official documentation


Snippets and demos



Templates and Examples


Examples / experiments

"Real" Apps

  • Glam - a linguistic annotation app that uses Fulcro, Pathom, Material-UI, and Crux. (Work in progress.)

  • fulcro-billing-app - A somewhat simplified and anonymized fork of a production app made with Fulcro and Fulcro RAD in 2020 - 2021

  • Decide (since 2019) - "Better decision-making in large groups"

Tools and libraries